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Faculty of Engineering Celebrates Arduino Day
IUG is a Partner at Training Courses in Renewable Energy
Workshop Evaluating Energy-Saving Buildings Project Outputs
IUG Faculty of Engineering Opens a Training Program on Energy Efficient Buildings.
Bio- Coal is produced in Gaza from Agricultural Residues for First Time
Hope Application: The world leading application in speaking to Deaf
Gift Box Company: Link Between Expatriates and Families
IUG Engineering Students Win Nasser Bin Hamad International Youth Creativity Award
Symposium at Faculty of Engineering Showcases Project
IUG Academic Staff member Lecturing at Harvard University
Iwan starts renovation of Archeological Site in Deir Al-balah City
3rd International Conference of Architecture and Islamic arts
Invetation to to attend academic lecture entitled “3-D Reconstruction of Cell Images and Spatio-temopral Motion Tracking “
Business and Technology Incubator and the Department of Computer Engineering organize a workshop on Google Apps
Lecture of the Department of Computer Engineering on "Statistical techniques for image processing and the reference to corneal models"
Scientific Lecture of the Department of Computer Engineering, entitled, "Image retrieval based on content"
Department of Computer Engineering organizes a scientific lecture about penetrating networks based on analysis of the volume of data traffic
Scientific lecture entitled: "Traffic Analysis Attack"
Department of Computer Engineering organizes scientific lecture entitled: "FPGAs vs. Microprocessors based Embedded System"
Workshop on Social Networks
Congratulations on the upgrade
• Invitation to attend a lecture entitled "FPGAs vs. Microprocessors based Embedded System"
• Invitation to attend the day course entitled "Web Application Developing New Horizon for Gaza Engineers"
In the third day of the fifth technological engineering meeting
Starting page of the Department of Computer Engineering on Facebook
Award for best graduation project in the Department of Computer Engineering
IWAN Organized the 3rd International Conference
Lecture about Palestinian labor law
A seminar at Electrical Engineering Department about Power Electronics in Renewable Energy System
Student branch of IEEE has been activated
Department of Civil Engineering organized a scientific Journey to Gaza Projects
A study day on The Rehabilitation of the Construction Sector for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.
Civil Engineering Department Held a Scientific Lecture Entitled Construction Equipment
Scientific Trip for the Senior Students at Electrical Engineering Department
Seminar about designing photonic system has been held over video-conferencing with Cambridge university
German publishing house published a master thesis of a staff member at the Electrical Engineering Department
Inauguration Ceremony for Computer Lab Funded by DAAD Fundation for Electrical Engineering Students
New Trends in Cement Industry
Lean Construction Lecture Through Videoconference
Civil Engineering Department held a study day on the needs of the traffic situation of the city of Gaza
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