Dear colleagues in the Engineering Faculty

I would like to introduce the strategic plan for the faculty of Engineering. This plan is a fruit of your active participations through different department committees. The strategic plan introduces the goals which we would like to achieve by highly improving the role of the college in both of the academic and research fields .

I would like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude for your efforts to prepare this plan. My special thanks are due to the strategic plan committee which has put huge efforts through various meetings and workshops to prepare this plan .

This ambitious five-year plan has been introduced on the steps of the previous deans of the college and within the vision of the university. As the main objective is to serve the Palestinian students, the focus of strategic planning is to prepare the students in a professional manner. For that end, a suitable academic environment is needed by the continuous improvements for the academic courses and connecting the college with local and regional societies through consultant committees. Another goal of this plan is to establish a bridge with the alumni of this college and providing different services for them. Third goal is to attract more highly qualified academic staff who can contribute to the excellent academic profile of the college as well as the research .

The different college departments will play the main role in implementing this plan with corporation with dean office. A continuous evaluation and planning are needed to realize our goals in making the collage on of the best not only in the region only but worldwide as well .

At the end, we have to work as a team and we ask God to help us to reach our goals and be able to provide the best services for our country .

Faculty dean

Prof. Shafik Jendia

The Vision

To provide a high quality education in different engineering and technical fields to help in developing the local and regional societies .

To participate in the scientific research and practical scientific applications which address different issues in our developing society .

To further strengthening the college role in building the various establishments and enhancing the engineering work to realize the full development within the boundaries of humane concepts and values.

To build and strengthen the cooperation ties with all establishments and companies that work in the engineering field locally and regionally.

College Slogan

Distinction and Creativity


The main goal for the college is to become one of the best in term of education, scientific research and social services. This can be done by creating a suitable environment for creativity as well as developing the available resources, capabilities, experience, and international relationships .


By doing this, Bachelor and Master Programs will realize high quality standards and meet the demands for the job markets both locally and regionally. The college will also develop the quality of scientific research and encourage publications in well-recognized scientific journals and directing the research for practical applications to solve the technical and engineering problems in our society.

The college will further enhance the relationships with various local and regional establishments and companies. The college aims as well to keep up with its alumni to create partnership in development and making the college as professional reference for knowledge and social services .

Goals and objectives:

The next part includes the goals and objectives of Engineering College , the motives behind them and their relationship to strategic planning. These goals and objective are consistent with the university vision. The evaluation methods are also included .

I) Education Services:

To provide distinguished education services for college students

First Goal: developing the Engineering College to be one of the best in academic field in the region .


·        Developing study plans to suit the job market demands and to meet international standards.

·         Improving the education environment to improve distinction and creativity.

Second Goal: students are the focus of interest and the main end for development .


·        To build active and effective students clubs and societies.

·        To provide information services for students .

·        To promote communications with students.

·        To develop the guidance and registration systems.

·        To promote communications with alumni.

Third Goal: To develop graduate study programs


·        Devolving advanced study plans for Master programs .

·        Create Master programs to meet the local and regional society demands .

·        Increasing the numbers of students who enroll to different master programs.

·        Create Philosophy degrees in some of the civil engineering sectors with cooperation with well-recognized local and international universities.

 II) Scientific Research

To promote scientific research

Goal: to develop practical scientific studies and researches which address issues in developing societies.


·         To direct the scientific research to the applied areas .

·         To promote higher standards of the research .

III) Social services

To contribute in the local society

Goal: to promote the college role in building establishment and developing the engineering work to realize the full development within the boundaries of humane concepts and values.


·        To increase the cooperation with local society establishments.

·        To contribute in finding solutions to engineering problems in the society.

IV) International relationships and cooperation

To expand and develop the international relationships  


·         To communicate with universities, companies, establishments, international and Arabic research centers which are related to the engineering field.

·         To create specialized research centers.

·         To promote the Engineering College outside the university boundaries and highlight its leading role.