It gives me a great pleasure to have the opportunity to introduce to you the Faculty of Engineering. The Faculty of Engineering at the Islamic University of Gaza has a well-known history going back to 1993. It prides itself as a major Faculty in an institution, which is ranked among the top 50 of the Arab world's best universities and one of the top universities in Palestine.


The mission of the Faculty of Engineering is to produce graduates, who can carry out forefront engineering design and research and to provide high-quality service to the engineering profession and the external community. Our goal is to nurture engineers with a global outlook, and a passion for innovation. To this end, the inter-disciplinary environment, the wide range of programs, and the diversity of curriculum are designed not only to prepare our graduates to meet rigorous professional demands, but also nurture them into leaders of enterprise and society. We aim to be the Engineering Faculty of choice for talents in Gaza Strip and beyond.


Over the years, we have made substantial contributions to the industrial and economic growth of the region, not only through training several generations of engineers, but also by advancing research and development in many areas across technological and geographical boundaries. In our research, as in all else, we are oriented to the needs of society, and work closely with industry, government, municipalities, and more. The comprehensive and well-equipped research facilities available within the Faculty allow engineering researchers ease of access to advanced research tools.


Today, the Faculty is a vibrant community of more than 2,000 students and 120 staff members, comprising six major departments: Civil Engineering & Architectural Engineering; Electrical & Computer Engineering; Environmental Science & Engineering; Industrial & Mechanical Engineering. Our faculty members have an impressive record of achievement, including more than 50 PhD holders and 20 holders of Master degree. Over 3,000 alumni have made their mark in industry, academe, and the public sector, in Palestine and around the world. Our students are leaders and innovators: student teams consistently take home top honours in national and international competitions. Our teaching and research are rooted solidly in the fundamental disciplines, with Master programs in Civil & Architectural Engineering; Electrical & Computer Engineering.


We are proud of our reputation for leadership, innovation, and excellence, which has earned the Palestinian society recognition as a premier engineering faculty. I take this opportunity to thank the academic staff for their distinguished collective efforts in making our Faculty a success story and a leading body for engineering education in the region.