The Department of Industrial Engineering is one of the important foundations that contribute in activating and stimulating economic and industrial activity, and this done through the preparation and the creation of engineers with high expertise and efficiency, and also through the available scientific academic energies.

The IE department is a reference for all industrial and service facilities that need to research development in various fields such as manufacturing, quality and production systems, operations research, human factors and the use of technological development . IE department Alumni can control the quality of domestic and imported products and their conformity with the specifications and standards, raise production efficiency, exploit available resources with optimum methods, use methods of manufacturing that are effective and with low-cost and high productivity, and solve problems relating to the design of production systems and management systems in enterprises .The IE department through its former graduates showed merit and progress in the market where its graduates got good jobs locally and globally. The Innovations of the department also were reflected by the graduation projects of the students, which varied between the projects that include effective management with great results and demonstrated unique abilities to solve administrative problems in many industrial and service enterprises, and also the projects in design and manufacture of certain equipment and sophisticated machinery with high capacity and efficiency. Also, two graduation projects of IE department won a prize as the best projects at the Islamic University of Gaza . The advanced laboratories of the department contribute in enriching the practical side of students and researchers in several areas, such as material science, measurements, manufacturing, and human factors. IE laboratories are a reference to the local market, ministries, and institutions of standards and specifications for various tests. The department has struggled to progress through the development of new laboratories, brought qualified faculty, and support cooperation agreements with the market , ministries and local institutions .