Brief History:

The Department of Computer Engineering is part of the faculty of Engineering; it began its existence in the Islamic University as part of the Department of Electrical and Computer, which was founded in 1995. The department continued to evolve academically and administratively to have been separated completely from the electrical department in 2008 and then it has graduate programs for the degrees of Master of Engineering. Since that time and the department contributes to the community development and build a better future as one of the most important sources of engineering knowledge in the Palestinian society.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to occupy a leadership center in the areas of computer and technology and maintains an excellent level of professionalism and creativity.


Our Message:

Prepare a generation of distinguished (featured) alumni, and providing him with the science and knowledge to be able to prove himself under the wheel acceleration of engineering and technology in the world, that through the whole teaching staff with diverse and advanced expertise and means of modern education.

Together, over the past year, we have accomplished so much, in education, research, and many other aspects. Ourfaculty and staff are truly stellar, and our students are a joy to work with.

If you are just visiting our web site,  hope you will become part of us soon, whether as a student, family member of a student, active alumni, or frequent visitor to our site.


Our goals:

The department aims to prepare engineers are able to development and innovation through the various courses that help them to understand the basic principles of computer work and its different circuits. For best results, the department aims to:

1.    Continuing communication with the local community in all its institutions and groups.

2.    The continued development of academic staff.

3.    Curriculum development and linked to reality.

4.    Provide all necessary laboratory of the educational process.

5.    Organizing a number of scientific lectures to fully connect the department, staff and students, with the latest technology.



1.    1.Organizing a number of excellent engineering meetings with the participation of a number of local community institutions.

2.    2.The organization of many public lectures and various workshops.

3.    3.The organization of many exhibitions of the outstanding works of students.

4.    4.Organize a series of scientific visits and social activities for the students and teachers of the department.


Areas of work for graduates:

Graduates of the Computer Engineering department usually work in many areas, ranging from the establishment of computerized systems to organize companies, automate processes in it and link to the outside world, and maintenance of different systems. And the work in the systems' development such as developing operating systems and programming languages. Also computer engineer can work in the fields of research and different science.