Engineering Faculty Researches

  Committee Head: Associate Prof. Mohammed Hussein - vice Dean of Scientific Research and Development.


 •  Prof. Samir M. Shihada - Civil Engineering Department.

•   Prof. Mohammed A. Mikki - Computer Engineering Department

•   Assistant Prof. Mohammed H. Arafa - Civil Engineering Department.

 •  Assistant Prof. Abdel Karim H. Mohsen - Architectural Engineering Department.

 •  Associate Prof. Abdelmajid R. Nassar - Environmental Engineering Department.

•   Assistant Prof. Anwar M. Abu-Zarifa - Industrial Engineering Department.

 •  Responsibilities:

•   Encourage Academic Staff for publication in magazines.

•   Assistance in the scientific research development in the college.

•   Held workshops Related with scientific research.


 •  Regulating the submission of research projects submitted for funding.