SAK Research Fund Award

It is the pleasure of faculty of engineering- The Islamic University and Saqqa & Khoudary General Contracting, to announce launching its Research Fund Award. This financial award aims to foster and underpin innovative academic research by supporting creative engineering students at the undergraduate level.

Basically, it is our vision to target and select applied research initiatives that are linked to the engineering and construction industry. The targeted research includes pure engineering as well as project management theories and practices.

Students from the following engineering schools are welcomed to apply for this award:

·         Civil Engineering

·         Environmental Engineering

·         Mechanical Engineering

·         Industrial Engineering

·         Electrical Engineering

·         Architectural Engineering

Applicants should fill and send the application forms no later than 15/04/2014 to the following email:

It is important to mention that this award is highly competitive, and the selection will be based on the following criteria:

1.      The research group CGPA: the CGPA of individual students and the group as a whole are important.

2.      Research Proposal: students should explain how their proposed research has applicable benefits to the community and the construction industry.


Important Notes:

Students can apply for this award if their research projects have started in the 1st semester, or will start in the 2nd semester of the academic year 2013/2014

All information stated in this application should be true and correct. Any incorrect or misleading information will cause the application to be disregarded